Local 92 has over 7,000 members in various sectors. Our members are a diverse group of skilled individuals working on Alberta's most influential projects throughout the province. Our members have historically worked in the energy sector and continue to be an integral part of the construction and maintenance in the oil and gas industry, as well as renewable energy. LIUNA members are the energy workforce solution.

You will find LIUNA members working in;

  • Construction (both commercial and industrial)

  • Maintenance and Shutdown Work

  • Road Building, Paving and Traffic Control

  • Pipeline

  • Utilities

  • Drilling and Blasting (both surface and underground)

  • Slope Stabilization, Demolition and Shoring

  • Industrial Plants

  • Dock and Shipyard

  • Health Care

  • Security and Parking Lots

  • Cemeteries, Crematoriums, and Funeral Homes

  • Manufacturing and Production

  • Janitorial


full service for our members

Local 92 is a full service facility available to address any concerns that a member might have on the job-site. Our representatives provide our members all the necessary resources, whether that is for a Business Agent on site, industrial representation during contract bargaining or training to advance skills.