Union dues are tax deductible and official tax receipts are mailed to members on an annual basis. If you need a copy of your dues receipts, please contact our office.

Monthly dues are currently $42 per month and, as determined at the LIUNA International Convention in 2021. 

As per Article VIII, Section 4 of the International Union Constitution, "Monthly dues are due on the first day of the month and unless paid on or before the last day of the following month, the member shall be deemed suspended by the International Union without notice. A member shall not be subject to suspension for an employer's failure to remit the member's dues to the Union where the member has executed a valid voluntary dues checkoff authorization card and where the employer has deducted those dues from the member's wages.

Please be aware that should a member be suspended for non-payment of dues there is a costly fee that will have to be paid if the member wishes to be re-admitted, with the readmission penalty increasing monthly to a maximum of 12 months after which a member will not be allowed to readmit. In addition to the costly fees, a member will lose his position on the out-of-work list and will go to the bottom of the list once re-admission fees are paid. 

In order for a member to be dispatched, monthly dues must be paid for the month in which he/she is dispatched. It is very important to keep your dues current.

**Please Note** we will not be accepting cash for payment of dues, however, you can pay via debt, credit card, cheque, or money order. Thank You for your co-operation and please stay safe.


LIUNA Local 92 operates almost solely on member dues. Dues are used to: represent members in negotiating strong contracts, enforcing contract terms, organizing new members to improve bargaining strength in existing workplaces, providing training and education for members, lobbying the government for legislation to protect and expand workers’ rights and safety in their workplace, keeping members informed through newsletters and Union publications, maintaining this website, social sites and providing representation.


To complete an e-transfer, the individual MUST follow the following steps:

One time only 'add new contact': Local 92 - while logged into your bank account & ensure that you click 'notify by email'
Then enter the following email address:

When sending your e-transfer ensure in the message box you put:

  • Members Name & Member Number (if you have it) or Members Name.

  • Last 4 digits of the Members Social Insurance Number. This will ensure that the payment is applied to the correct member.

If you are unable to send e-transfer as an automatic deposit, you will not be able to use the e-transfer option. 

** Please note, it is imperative that each e-transfer sent must indicate the members information in the message box (members name & member number (if possible) or members name and last 4 digits of the members social insurance number - SIN)**