The Executive Board is composed of 7 serving professional representatives, each elected to serve a four-year term. It is the governing body responsible for overseeing the administration of the Union and progressing policy decisions made at the General Membership Meetings.

LIUNA Local 92 Executive Board believes in fairness for the working people, regardless of colour, gender, race or ethnicity, no matter our country of origin. A belief that our Signatory employers success directly relates to our members’ lively hood. Our skilled members provide the highest quality work in their fields.

Our Executive Board stands for individual advancement by offering members and employers the most up-to-date training in the skills needed to build our communities and our country. Our Board believes that a strong union movement can restore the strength of the middle class, and continues to lobby all levels of government to ensure the rights and interests of working people across the Province and the Yukon are the top concern.

John Desrosiers - Business Manager

Scott McBride - Secretary Treasurer

Larry Lebold - President

Doug Deschambeau - Vice President

Don Martin - Recording Secretary

Brent Desrosiers - Executive Board

David (DJ) Paquet - Executive Board

Brian O'Toole - Seargent of Arms

Kenny Watkins, Auditor

Christopher Grant - Auditor 

(Elected Official (June 2023) missing in background photo Curtis Hawley, Auditor)

Working Together, We Will Make Progress

"I am very privileged to be the Business Manager of Local 92, having served the membership in this role now for almost 15 years. Although the last few years have been challenging as we navigated through a pandemic and a global energy crisis, I am positive that the future will be full of opportunities for our members.

The outlook for 2024 is promising with the emergence of new industrial construction, an increasing demand on maintenance projects, a strong pipeline sector experiencing new mainline construction, ongoing maintenance work and a projected record-breaking year in distribution. We are also seeing an increase demand in the commercial sector as we continuously gain market share.

We are working closely with industry and government as the country transitions to renewable energy sources. We know that responsible resources development in Canada is the answer to not only our energy needs, it is the solution to reducing global emissions.

We continue to work closely with our oil and gas sector knowing that Canadian petroleum production has one of the highest environment regulatory processes, as well as ethic work practices. We continue to lobby to ensure that our members are part of all energy project development in our province.

I would like to thank and acknowledge each member for their continued excellence – it is your skilled work and professionalism that makes Local 92 the outstanding local we are."

John Desrosiers

Business Manager Local 92