Building Relations

LIUNA works collaboratively with Indigenous communities, government and industry stakeholders to ensure Indigenous communities and our Indigenous members have a voice and an opportunity for economic prosperity, skills training and education.  LIUNA Locals across Western Canada including Local 92 continue on a path of reconciliation. 

LIUNA’s mandate includes; 

  • Community Advancement & Procurement with Indigenous Communities

  • Community Partnerships, Advocacy & Philanthropy

  • Economic Development for Indigenous Workers

  • Partnership with Indigenous Governing Bodies

  • Training & Recruitment within Indigenous Communities. 

LIUNA continues to be a community champion in advocacy, philanthropic partnerships, supporting Indigenous arts and culture, language and more. We are proud sponsors of the Indigenous Experience at KDays in Edmonton, as well as participating in events such as; the First Nation Major Project Collation (FNMPC) and Assembly of First Nations (AFN).​

We work closely with communities across the country to remove barriers and ensure Indigenous workers have the opportunity and skills to secure a lucrative career. More than 3,000 Indigenous workers have been trained by LIUNA Training Centres across Canada.

In Alberta, the Alberta Laborers’ Training Trust Fund has been working closely with Indigenous communities for over 15 years and we have a strong partnership with Trade Winds to Success Training Society. Since 2016, we have facilitated over 32 training programs in partnership with Trade Winds for a variety of Indigenous Communities throughout Alberta. Within those programs, we’ve had the pleasure of improving the skills and employability of more than 650 individuals. Some of these programs have included the building of tiny homes that provide much needed housing for rural and remote communities.


Larry Villeneuve
National Director LIUNA Indigenous Affairs Department

Phone: 780-298-6540