Jobs Available

Good Afternoon Local 92, this is your 4:30 pm callout for Tuesday May 21st,

Jobs to be bid on for Wednesday May 22nd from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.



CART CONSTRUCTION- NWR (REDWATER, AB) (JOB# 56908)- is requesting 1GRADESPERSON to report May 21st at 7:00am for Orientation to perform general labour duties including shooting laser grade level for civil works, heavy lifting upto 50lbs, climbing stairs and lots of walking. Must have minimum 5yrs Grading Experience to bid as this job will be screened by a Business Agent. (will be sent back if Laser Experience is not proven upon arrival). Must be physically fit, have CSTS-2020, WHMIS-2015 and a valid Class 5 Driver’s License. Duration is 1 week+ working 9/80 schedule. You must have your own transportation as there is No Bussing/No Camp/No Loa available. The rate for this job is as per the Cart Enabled Agreement ($30.71/hr).

MICHELS CANADA- DUGGAN TUNNEL (NISKU, AB) (JOB# 56732)- is requesting 1 EXPERIENCED PIPELINE LABOURERS for MICRO-TUNNELING to report ASAP at 7:00 am to perform pipeline labour duties including working in deep shaft & micro-tunnels, working in 3M – 6.5M diameter shafts upwards of 20M deep for entire duration of shift, working in concrete utility pipes/tunnels, grouting of shaft, micro-tunnels, various lines & other areas as required, heavy lifting/carring up to 55lbs frequently, repetitive tasks (crawling, climbing, sitting, standing, twisting, bending, lifting & overhead work), will be regularly exposed to all weather conditions, working in live sewer lines, pumping water, picking rocks, shoveling dirt, loading/un-loading, installing heavy tools/materials, installing pumps & running hoses for water mitigation, assisting mud plant operators, perform surface work duties, shoveling, flagging & man-watch. Must be physically fit (very labour-intensive work), be able to perform all work duties without any restrictions or limitations and have minimum 5 years’ experience with all the duties listed and experience reading survey stakes, working in live sewer and around heavy equipment (in congested urban area) and knowledge of mud plant operations as this job will be screened by a business agent. Must also have CSTS, OSSA Confined Space Monitor & Entry, OSSA Fall Protection, Flagging, Ground Disturbance Level 2, Basic Rigging, WHIMIS-2015 and Valid Class 5 Driver’s License (with clean 5-year commercial driver’s abstract obtained within the last 30 days). Duration is 2 weeks+, working Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 5:30 pm, and you must have your own transportation to and from site. The rate for this job is $29.62. *Multiple online orientation to be completed prior to arrival on site**.


ALTEX-CNRL      1N/H       2018

                            1G/L        1351



  • Officers and Members of Local 92 would like to remember Brother Greg Kowaliuk. Brother Greg was a 33-year Member of Our Local. He sadly passed away on April 25, 2024.

  • Attention Local 92 Members: Please refer to the 'Local 92' website (under the 'Members Tab') to view all available Scholarships. 

  • There will be a Monthly Membership Meeting being held on Saturday May 25th @ 9:00 am at the Edmonton Union Hall (15104 121 A Ave). All members are welcome to attend. 

  • If you are able, please bring a donation to the Edmonton Food Bank. Collection hampers are now located at the Hall. #LABORERSRISING

  • Please be advised that effective January 1st, 2024, the Monthly Membership Dues have increased by One Dollar ($1). Dues will be $42/month - as mandated in the International Union Constitution, Article XVIII Section 7c. 

  • Please be advised that if you have not been previously dispatched to any Pipeline Jobs through Local 92, you will be required to provide proof of experience PRIOR to bidding in the form of a ROE or Letterhead from the Company you previously worked for.


Notice to Members enrolled in the voluntary RSAP Program: Please remember if you have not worked in a 6-month time period, your RSAP will go dormant. Please call the RSAP Program to re-test at 1-888-493-0725. If you are unsure of your RSAP status you can call Amanda Stefanizyn at the Edmonton office directly at (780)801-5126. Local 92 does not govern or administrate this program and we do not want Members going to site with no pre-access or active RSAP status, as this means you will not gain access to the site immediately and could potentially miss out on pay due to having to test when you arrive.


Local 92 does not send members for Alcohol and Drug testing. The contractors require you to take these tests as per the site owners. You must refer to your dispatch slip and call the phone number that is listed next to "A&D Testing" in order to have a test booked in your area. Please do not proceed to orientation until you have spoken with the contractor.


Please ensure that all your tickets and skills are updated and on file for bidding purposes. Please do NOT bid on any job that you do not have the required tickets for. Any members who have any further questions regarding Local 92 dispatch rules, please call 780 426 6630 and speak to a business agent. 

Please note; it is becoming increasingly more important that ANY members who accept a dispatch to any site, have a VALID Government issued photo ID. If you do not have valid government issued photo ID please do NOT accept a dispatch.


Any members that wish to read the Collective Agreement that they are working under can access them by visiting the CLRA (Construction Labour Relations of Alberta) website.



If you successfully bid on a job and dispatch cannot reach you within one hour of closing the callout, the job will go to the next lowest bidder on the list or back on the callout.