Good Afternoon Local 92, this is your 4:30 pm callout for Monday July 25th, 2016, jobs to be bid on for Tuesday July 26th, 2016 from 8:00 am until 10:00 am.


Attention Members: There will be 1 day Job Steward Courses held on the following dates:

August 9, 10 & 11 in Sydney, NS. These courses will be held at 226 Townsend St (Local 1115) and begin at 8:00 am.

August 23 & 24 in Edmonton, AB. These courses will be hold at Local 92 (10319 106 Ave) and begin at 9:00 am.

To register for the Job Steward course please call Amanda Stefanizyn directly @ (780)801-5126. Please note that if you have taken this course within the past 2 years, you will not be eligible to register.


A MESSAGE FROM THE TRAINING CENTER: The ALTTF urges any members in Fort McMurray who require training to contact the Edmonton training center at 780-423-7722


ATTENTION LOCAL 92 MEMBERS AND CONTRACTORS: LiUNA, the labourers’ International Union of North America, and our over 100,000 members across Canada are strong advocates of promoting the growth of our great nation. We are also strong proponents of the many proposed pipeline initiatives, including the much needed Energy East Pipeline originating in Hardisty, Alberta and extending to Saint John, New Brunswick. With 15.8 Billion dollars forecasted to be spent along 6 provinces to build the Energy East Pipeline where communities will prosper both during the construction of the project and long after it is built. Building infrastructure creates much needed jobs for Canadians, jobs that are crucial to the substantiality of our economy and the critical to the growth of our future generations. Please take the time to fill out this petition, and spread the word to your fellow brothers and sisters. Please visit our homepage and select the link in concern to the Energy East Pipeline.

Thank you for your participation and support.


Attached below is the link to the Energy East Pipeline Petition:


John Desrosiers
Business Manager





TRANSFIELD- SUNCOR MAIN SITE (FT MCMURRAY, AB) (JOB# 43470 & 43489))- is requesting 3 EXPERIENCED TOOL CRIB ATTENDANT to report July 25th at 8:00 am for orientation to perform general labour duties including tool Crib duties and heavy lifting equipment. Must have previous experience and basic computer skills to bid as this job will be screened by a business agent. Must also have CSTS-09 version, OSSA Orientation, a valid Tool Hound ticket and a valid Driver’s License. Duration is 2 weeks+ working 7x7 (12hr shifts- rotating on both Days & Nights). Locals are preferred as there is NO camp or LOA available.


CLEARWATER – SYNCRUDE CMS SHOP TEAM 30 (FT MCMURRAY,AB)(JOB#43497) – is requesting 1G/L to report August 2nd at 7:30 am for orientation to perform general labour duties including heavy lifting, jack hammering and general cleaning. Must have CSTS, OSSA Confined Space Monitor & Entry and Gas Detection tickets. Duration is 2 weeks+, working 4x10’s and Locals are preferred as there is NO Camp or NO LOA available.


CLEARWATER-SYNCRUDE AURORA SHOVELS 508 (FT MCMURRAY,AB) (JOB#43496) is requesting 1G/L to report July 26th at 7:30 am for orientation to perform general labour duties including heavy lifting, jackhammering, general cleaning, working at heights, JLG and Zoom Boom duties. Must have experience with all the duties to bid. Must have CSTS, OSSA Orientation, OSSA Confined Space Monitor & Entry, OSSA Fall Protection, a valid OSSA Ariel Work Platform ticket and Zoom Boom ticket with experience. Duration is 3 weeks+, working 6days on, 6 off; of 12 hr shifts and Locals are preferred as there is NO Camp or NO LOA available.








JACOBS – SUNCOR                      1N/H              89(G.W.B)

FLUOR-FORT HILLS                      2N/H              1921-2365

WASCHUK-BOYLE,AB                  1RECALL       3278

TAURUS-NWR                               2G/L               2377-2623

FLUOR-NWR                                 1N/H               381

BIRD-NWR                                     1RECALL       4502







The following course has been added to the Edmonton Training Center for August:


H2S Alive course for August 19, 2016



The following course has been added to the Fort McMurray Training Center for August:

Toolhound course for August 3rd – 4th, 2016


To register please contact ALTTF at 780 423 7722.




Please be advised, that if you have not been previously dispatched to any Pipeline Jobs through Local 92, you will be required to provide proof of experience PRIOR to bidding in the form of a ROE or Letterhead from the Company you previously worked for.


Any members being dispatched to the Wood Buffalo Area; the Wildlife Awareness Training will soon become a mandatory requirement.


**Any members that bid on the daily jobs, please have patience and allow the dispatch to make the return phone calls to those who are successful bidders**


PLEASE NOTE:  Local 92 does not send members for Alcohol and Drug testing. The contractors require you to take these tests as per the site owners. You must refer to your dispatch slip and call the phone number that is listed next to “A&D Testing” in order to have a test booked in your area. Please do not proceed to orientation until you have spoken with the contractor.


Please ensure that all your tickets and skills are updated and on file for bidding purposes. Please do NOT bid on any job that you do not have the required tickets for. Any members who have any further questions regarding Local 92 dispatch rules, please call 780 426 6630 and speak to a business agent.


Any members that wish to read the Collective Agreement that they are working under can access them by visiting the CLRA (Construction Labour Relations of Alberta) website.


Please note; it is becoming increasingly more important that ANY members who accept a dispatch to any site, have a VALID Government issued photo ID. If you do not have valid government issued photo ID please do NOT accept a dispatch.