Good Morning Local 92, this is your 11:30 am callout for Wednesday February 26th, 2020; jobs to be bid on for Wednesday February 26th, 2020 from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.


Attention All Local 92 Members: There will be a ‘Celebration of Life’ being held for Ken Reid on Saturday February 29th @ 1:00 pm at the ‘ToField United Church (4832-53 Ave, ToField,AB)’. With Lunch to follow. We ask that any members who plan on attending the celebration, to please contact Larry Lebold at the Edmonton Hall.




Fred & Muriel Lebold Scholarship Awards

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The executive board is pleased to announce that this year there will be three scholarships awarded for $3,000.00 each.

Those eligible are members of Local 92 and their immediate family members for continuing education in any field of the applicant's choice.

The scholarships will be awarded at the Local 92 Pin Presentation & Dance in Edmonton on May 2, 2020.

The deadline for submitting applications is April 15, 2020.

To request a copy of the application form, please contact:

Construction and General Workers' Union Local No. 92

15104 121 A Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5V 1A3

(780) 426-6630 Fax (780) 426-6639

or via email:



For anyone who plans on bidding on any Turnaround/Shutdown work this upcoming spring; please note the following tickets that may be required according to the “Work Ready Work Force”:

CSTS, Respiratory Protective Equipment, OSSA BSO, OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA Ariel Work Platform, OSSA Confined Space Monitor & Entry, H2S Alive and Standard First Aid/CPR.

To enroll for any courses, please call the training center at 780-423-7722.



Attention Brothers & Sisters of Local 92, the Organizing Department would like to reach out to the membership asking to assist us in organizing. If anyone is working non-union or knows somebody working for a non-union construction contractor that needs to be organized, please contact us. Ask your friends and family if they know of anyone, or if you’re working alongside a non-union contractor on site let us know, we would be more than happy to check it out. If you have any information, please call the hall and ask for an organizer. Thank-you.





TRANS ED- EDMONTON VALLEY LINE LRT - is requesting the following:


2G/L to report February 28th  (JOB#50968);


8G/L to report March 2nd – Including grinding/drill concrete on the elevated guideways. Must be able to be fit tested for a respirator (JOB#50970);


All to report at 7:00 am for orientation to perform general labour duties including physically demanding work, long periods of standing & walking, heavy lifting/carrying upto 50lbs, installing track rails & any other associated tasks, clean-up, dewatering, moving materials, grinding & drilling concrete, spotting trucks & trailers, working with/stripping concrete formwork, earthworks and flagging traffic. Must have previous experience to bid as well as CSTS, a valid Driver’s License and Flagging ticket. Duration is 2 weeks+ working 5-6 days/week x 8-12hrs Overtime as required. Must be willing to work weekends/other shifts as needed. Must have your own transportation as there is No camp or Loa available. The rate for this job is as per the Trans-Ed Commercial Agreement. Members from the General Workers/Roadbuilders Board may bid.


A&B RAIL (WESTERN CANADA)- is requesting 5-10G/L. (All positions will be screened directly by the Contractor) Start date TBD. Successful applicants will be working long hours outside in all weather conditions, physical work and frequent travel is required. Duration is unknown working variable hours/shifts. The rate for this job is $21.60/hr. **Please Note: to apply for this job you must submit application/upload resume online using the following link:

Successful applicants will be required to complete/pass A&D and Full Physical testing prior to arrival on site.




is requesting 8-10G/L. (All positions will be screened directly by the Contractor). Start date TBD. Must be safety conscious, have a good attendance, be physically fit, literate, have math aptitude and be willing to work shift work. Any training Certificates will be an asset; however, Shaw Pipe will provide all company-specific training. Duration is 3 months+ working 8hr shifts+ and you must have your own transportation. Starting wage is $22/hr. Successful applicants will be required to complete and pass a comprehension test on reading, writing & math and complete a physical test including heavy lifting up to 75lbs waist high. All applicants will be subjected to a criminal background check. **Please Note: To apply for this job you MUST submit a detailed resume including work experience, education level, and provide at least two references of names and phone numbers of supervisors you worked for to: . Once resume is submitted, the contractor will contact you for an interview at their earliest convenience.




*numbers will be posted accordingly once we receive confirmation of successful bidders*





The following courses have been added to the Edmonton’s February Calendar:


  • Industrial Maintenance Training- February 26-27, 2020 (2-day course)

Pre-requisites: Must be able to do manual labour, no health restrictions, basic PPE (steel toed boots, hardhat, hearing protection and safety glasses).


  • ESC Fall Protection - February 28, 2020


To register for courses please call the Edmonton Training Center at 780-423-7722.



Please be advised that PayPal has been replaced with E-Transfers as a method of payment for monthly dues. Unlike PayPal, there will be no service fees charged by the local. Therefore, if you E-Transfer a payment of $39.00 then that is the amount that will be applied to your Account.


To complete an E-Transfer, the individual MUST follow the following steps:

  • One time only ‘add new contact’: Local 92 – while logged into your bank account & ensure that you click ‘notify by email’ Then enter the following email address:
  • When sending your E-Transfer, please ensure that in the message box you put: Members Name & Member Number (if you have it) or Members Name and last 4 digits of the Members Social Insurance Number EVERY TIME you send a E-Transfer. This will ensure that the payment is applied to the correct member.
  • If you are unable to send e-transfer as an automatic deposit, you will not be able to use the e-transfer option.


**If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our offices**


Attention Local 92 Members: Effective January 1st, 2019, ALL workers going to any Suncor Site will be required to have WHIMIS 2015 Ticket. This is a free online course though ACSA. Please contact the ACSA at 780-453-3311 for further information.



Notice to Members enrolled in the voluntary RSAP Program: Please remember if you have not worked in a 6-month time period, your RSAP will go dormant. Please call the RSAP Program to re-test at 1-888-493-0725. If you are unsure of your RSAP status you can call Amanda Stefanizyn at the Edmonton office directly at (780)801-5126. Local 92 does not govern or administrate this program and we do not want Members going to site with no pre-access or active RSAP status, as this means you will not gain access to the site immediately and could potentially miss out on pay due to having to test when you arrive.


Please be advised, that if you have not been previously dispatched to any Pipeline Jobs through Local 92, you will be required to provide proof of experience PRIOR to bidding in the form of a ROE or Letterhead from the Company you previously worked for.


PLEASE NOTE:  Local 92 does not send members for Alcohol and Drug testing. The contractors require you to take these tests as per the site owners. You must refer to your dispatch slip and call the phone number that is listed next to “A&D Testing” in order to have a test booked in your area. Please do not proceed to orientation until you have spoken with the contractor.


Please ensure that all your tickets and skills are updated and on file for bidding purposes. Please do NOT bid on any job that you do not have the required tickets for. Any members who have any further questions regarding Local 92 dispatch rules, please call 780 426 6630 and speak to a business agent.


Any members that wish to read the Collective Agreement that they are working under can access them by visiting the CLRA (Construction Labour Relations of Alberta) website.


Please note; it is becoming increasingly more important that ANY members who accept a dispatch to any site, have a VALID Government issued photo ID. If you do not have valid government issued photo ID please do NOT accept a dispatch.